Friday, August 03, 2018

Ferocious Friday - WowWee Untamed T-Rex Is Too Cute #fingerlings #videoreview


Meet the Untamed T-Rex from WowWee! These finger-gripping "King of the Dinos" creatures are fierce and unpredictable, and know friends vs. foes! In Untamed mode, they roar, hiss and chomp! In Tame mode they nuzzle, purr and love to be near you. Complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws, these interactive dinos react to touch, motion, and sound with over 40 different sounds and animations. There are 4 different T-Rexes to tame and collect!  

5+; MSRP $14.99

The 411:

If your kids are like mine, they love to collect. These adorable "Fingerling" dinosaurs come in 4 different colors and have names like Ironjaw, Tracker, Scratch, and Ripsaw and are so FEROCIOUS. Not! They are cute. I love them and all their adorable sounds and touch exterior.  They clip to your finger and have various sensors on their heads that react to your touch. 

There are two different modes to play with your dinosaur Tamed and Untamed and depending on the mode you will get a different reaction with the same action.  You can unleash your beast by poking it's face three times, hanging it upside down and shaking it. Wouldn't that unleash your beast? 

I think kids will love these tiny, interactive dinosaurs.  

Available at Amazon, Walmart, Target as well as other major retailers.

Look for these "cute" dinos on my Holiday Gift Guide coming on a few months

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion no monetary compensation was offered.

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