Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bake Shop

Whip up some good times with Strawberry Shortcake and her pals and these three tales as they try out a good luck charm, go to a masked ball, and compete in a bake-off in this delectable collection!

Berry Lucky Day - The Strawberry Shortcake movies have some of the most adorable animated characters. The mini berries and the pets are so sweet along with their owners Strawberry and all the rest of the girls but when the puppies misbehave, creating havoc no matter where they go. Everyone realizes that these little pups just need a place to burn off all their energy. The girls decide a Dog Park is exactly what these guys need.  Thankfully Huck's vision and hard labor pays off everyone is happy especially the dogs. 

A Basketful of Blueberries - is about a masquerade ball in honor of the new Dog Park. Blueberry talks Huck into coming even though he is nervous about dancing at the ball. When she gets sick before the dance, The girls come up with a plan to be Blueberry because they know she made a promise to Huck. With two Blueberries and a whole lot of confusion the girls quickly learn to always tell the truth it brings way less drama.

The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bake Off - Berrykin Blue has created such a wonderful drink that the Queen wants to honor him with a ceremony.  The girls decide to go all out and make this a very special day with some deciding to each make him a cupcake using the flavors he used in his drink.  With some great ideas comes some great competition. When catastrophe strikes the girls realize that they do better working together than working against each other. 

Each movie is about friendship, getting along, working together and always giving the very best of yourself.  The animation is colorful and fun and the bitty berries are adorable.  This is one hour and 7 minutes of friendship and characters many have grown up with. How could you not love these sweeties?!

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