Saturday, November 07, 2015

Stop Throwing Food Away Because It Is Stale

OK maybe not all food but I have tossed cereal and chips so many times it isn't funny. Why? It is way too expensive and I have found a way to make sure your chips and cereal stay as crisp as the first time you opened it.

This is a Mini Plastic Bag Sealer from Modfamily that comes in a (2-pack).  You can reseal Mylar and Cereal Bags for an Airtight Seal.

It takes two AA batteries which does not come with the sealer. Because I am not sure if the thing can overheat because there is no on or off button I do take the batteries out when I am done. It probably can because the coil is a single tiny piece but I am a worrywart. 

After you put the batteries in you can run the sealer of a bag and reseal it. It will be completely closed and takes NO time at all. 

The coil sits on a little pillow and there is one of the opposite side. There is a pink piece that flips down over the coil for when not in use. 

I used it like a stapler to seal some chip bags but when I decided to run it consistently on the opening of the bag it sealed it and the little piece popped out. It does pop back in and I think it was because I was pressing so hard. I resealed two more bags and all seems well.

Getting two more of these for gifts. I know of at least two families that would benefit from resealed chip bags.  

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.


  1. I've always wondered how these worked. Thanks for the review. Is it easy to open the bags again and then re-seal them?

  2. Brenda, just open the bag like you would have the first time and then just reseal with the mini sealer again


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