Dallas Clayton is the writer of the acclaimed and beloved The Awesome Book series, who began his writing and illustrating career by creating a book for his son about dreaming big that resonated with millions worldwide.  He has been compared to Dr. Seuss in the simplicity yet power of the messages in his books.

Lily is our heroine!  She is a remarkable, colorful and comical gal and she’s truly one-in-a-million!  Literally!   She’s the only unicorn that she knows of in the world besides her dad!  She is lively, creative, thoughtful and confident—and a bright pink beacon of  hope for her friends—and even her foes (although they never would admit it)!

An outside the box thinker with a childlike wisdom, Lily’s goal is to show people how easy it is to be themselves and most importantly – have fun!  Lily’s unique perspective and independent spirit can brighten up any situation and often leads her and her loyal friends into unexpected shenanigans. In Lily’s world, anything is possible. A simple song she hums can go viral and top the charts. A quiet surprise picnic for her best buddy Roger can lead to a city-wide adventure featuring falafel waffles (yum) and a wise guru (of course). Lily the Unicorn puts a hilarious spin on everyday situations as Lily transforms even the most typical day into something extraordinary.


Goddess and I watched Lily the Unicorn after reading the book. We were so excited to see these adorable animals come to life. We cannot get the falafel waffle song out of our head.

Falafel Waffle, I love you!
Falafel Waffle, you’re a dream come true!
Falafel Waffle, and you’re so fun to chew!
Fala-fala-fala-fala-fel Waffle!
Falafel Waffle, it seems so wrong
You’re a yummy gooey coney taco right in my palm
All I want to do is nom nom nom nom nom
Fala-fala-fala-fala-fel Waffle!
Falafel Waffle, I love you!
Falafel Waffle, Makes your mouth say WOO!
Falafel Waffle, I always get two
Fala-fala-fala-fala-fel Waffle!
We love you!

Lily and her friends Roger, Doris and Guru are a fun bunch who will have your kids laughing and enjoying a colorful, comical world where a unicorn takes her friends on amazing, fantastic and colorful adventures. 

This show is aimed at kids 6-11 but this mom enjoyed it. It has something to do with with the Jim Henson Company. They know what they are doing when it comes to Kids Entertainment!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary book. No monetary compensation was offered.


Abbie Lynn said...

I haven't but my nieces would Love it!

hundahar said...

I had not heard of her before this.

Emily Endrizzi said...

No, I have never heard of Lily the Unicorn. She sounds delightful!

bison61 said...

nope I have never heard of lily the unicorn

tiramisu392 (at)

Jennifer T. said...

I've never heard of Lily the Unicorn. But, I think my family would like her.

Sarah Elyce said...

I had not heard about Lily the Unicorn before this blog post.

Ken Ohl said...

I have never heard of lily the unicorn but I think my little niece would love this for sure. thankyou, ken

mrsshukra said...

Lily the Unicorn is new to me!

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

I have never heard of Lily The Unicorn but I would love to win and read this book!
Thank You

Fiona N

Nancy said...

Lily the Unicorn is a character new to me.

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Ken Ohl said...

never heard of lily the unicorn but looks cute. thankyou, ken

Natalie B. said...

I haven't heard of Lily the Unicorn but my 2 1/2 year old grandson would love it! Thank-you. :)

Tylerpants said...

I havent heard of Lily The Unicorn. Lisa L tylerpants(at)

trixx said...

No, I haven't... until now!

jakiesmom said...

never heard of it

moushka said...

Nope, haven't heard of it.

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