Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Travel Tips for Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for a lot more than just its bicycles. When visiting the city, you will most likely become enamored with the romantic canals, friendly locals, and sense of freedom that prevails around every corner. It's a place that is unashamed of its risqué Red Light District or its famous coffee houses. Here are five travel tips to help you enjoy the city that the locals call Mokum.

1. Getting Around Amsterdam

Most hotels in Amsterdam are centrally located, which makes the city very easy to navigate by foot. If you don't want to, there is a reliable public transportation system that consists of integrated metro, tram and bus services. You can also rent a bike to peddle around the city. At the Hotel Casa 400 Amsterdam, for example, you can rent a bicycle from the hotel's concierge.

2. Language

You don't have to worry too much about encountering a language barrier in Amsterdam. Virtually all of the locals speak English. Most signs and directions are also written in English.

3. Time of Year

Any time of year is ideal to visit Amsterdam, but the most popular tourist season is between July and August because that is when you stand the best chance of encountering sunny, warm weather. From mid-April to mid-May the countryside is covered in blooming tulips. Winters are mild, but they can get chilly, so be sure to pack some warm clothes when visiting from November to March.

4. Red Light District

Amsterdam's Red Light District is more than just bawdy brothels. You will also encounter sex museums, stores that deal in a variety of intimate merchandise, and a bevy of scantily dressed women in window parlors. The area is not for the shy, but it's definitely worth a visit to discover what all the hype is about, especially since it's a safe area to traverse. You can stay at the De Roode Leeuw hotel, which is conveniently located by the Red Light District.

5. Nine Streets

The trendy Nine Streets neighborhood of Amsterdam's Old Town sits in the heart of the canal district and Amsterdam is a city you can enjoy for a few days or spend a few weeks exploring. You will never run out of interesting things to see and do. Everywhere you turn in the culturally diverse city is an adventure waiting to be enjoyed.

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