Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beyond Bored

Usually in the summer we go to the beach daily. We hit the parks early in the morning when it is still nice then the lake for the reminder of the day. It was a perfect formula for a fun filled summer but it worked.

Now that my Handsome has the cast on, there is no beach or park. He won't even just go to sit near the water. We got him a waterproof cast cover but it doesn't protect 100% and he won't wear it to the beach only a friend's house where we have enjoyed her pool. Five times since the summer started.

Most days the kids toggle between computers, videos, You Tube, Kindles and TV and seem very happy. Me on the other hand feel lonely most days. I feel like every day is exactly the same with no relief. On the weekend my husband is too tired to do anything due to him working two jobs. UGH....Just had to vent. I want to scream but feel better writing it out.

Oh well...back to laundry

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