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Big Change For Our Summer #brokensummer

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It was awful. Slip from the swing when trying to get off. Fell to the side and landed on his arm in mulch of playground. Thank God there was mulch.

 Came over very calmly and said he fell. I saw a scrap and asked if he wanted to go to car for ER kit to clean it up.

He said, "I want to lie down with you."

My friend and I looked at each other and she said, "did you hit your head?"

We started walking to the car and he was holding his wrist, I asked him if he felt OK and he started crying saying it hurt so bad.

We got to truck and he layed down.

He wouldn't let me touch it and cried and complained. Usually he gets angry when asked if he got hurt. He just cried saying, "it's not broken."

I tried to touch it and ask where the pain was. He held onto it saying it hurt on the top (pointing to his forearm).

There was a scrap on the underside.

Told him I wanted to bring him to hospital and called my husband for him to talk to.

He lifted it for my husband from the shoulder which he had not done for me.

Husband said, I think you should get home and ice it.

Was going to get my daughter to tell her we had to leave her friend and take her brother home but my son started crying again.

I told him I think we need to go to the hospital and he said OK. I finally got a chance to feel the underside and noticed it was starting to swell.

Asked my friend to take my daughter and I would pick her up after hospital. Thank God we were with her or I would have had to keep her busy at the hospital too.

On the way he was so nervous saying he hoped it wasn't fractured and that he didn't want anyone at the hospital to touch it. He spent the ride being either really pissed or crying.

When we got the the hospital he said he felt it was big on the underside of his arm. I told him "I know. Prepare yourself they may tell you it is broken." 

X-rays were awful. I could hear him crying and screaming "ouch you are hurting me. Mommy"
Through the door I shouted, I'm right here honey.

It was horrible. I knew they were doing what they had to do but it killed me that I couldn't be with him.

He was wheeled out and he kept saying to the tech, "please tell me it isn't broken."

The X-ray shows fracture of and buckle cortical fracture of the radius and ulna.

Last night was hard. He had trouble sleeping and finally fell asleep at 2:00 AM. I feel so bad for him. We are signed up for swim classes, have invited to pools and got a beach pass. Hopefully it doesn't ruin his entire Summer. Last Summer my Goddess spent the whole Summer in a cast after fracturing her growth plate and needing surgery.
Hopefully next year no one breaks anything and we can have a fun filled Summer but until then, I will do my best to make it as good as I can for him and her.

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  1. Aww, I'm so sorry for your son! I definitely how hard it is to have your child take test at the hospital and you can't be in there with them. I always cried on the other side of the door. I hope you are all able to find a way to have a great summer. I'm sure you can!


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