Saturday, July 25, 2015

Adorable Dinosaur Beauty Pagent Story For Ages 2-6

It's time for the Miss Dinosaur pageant and the girls are ready! Patty Saurus puts on her best dress. Stef O'Saurus covers her scales with jewels. Teri Dactyl practices flying and Sarah Topps practices hula hooping on all of her horns. But there's one dinosaur who doesn't need to prepare because . . .
Tina Rex always wins! She's a fierce competitor and her brilliant smile scares away the other girls. But is it really fun to win when you've chased away all of your friends? Tina's not so sure.
This hilarious mash-up of dinosaurs and beauty pageants will delight readers young and old. And Tina Rex might just teach little ones a gentle lesson along the way.

The 411:

With Jurassic World in the theaters, now is the perfect time to grab a copy of Tiara Saurus Rex by Brianna Caplan Sayres.

The fully colorful pages show Tina, Patty, Stef, Sarah, Maya Teri, all vying to be crowned the next Miss Dinosaur.  Everyone is so sure that Tina has this in the bag and take off, all but Maya who gracefully shares the crown with Tina because like everyone said throughout the book, Tina had to win.

Perfect book with fun pages for girls and boys. Sweet lesson too, no need for jealousy, just because you think someone is better than you, doesn't mean they are. You may just get a friend AND in this case a crown out of the deal too.

Loved the colorful pics AND nice story to read out loud.

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion.

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