Friday, July 17, 2015

HOT Temporary Metallic Tattoos & How To Apply Them #flashtattoos

OK...I cannot get enough of these and I think we will buying more before the month ends. The kids and I are obsessed.

These Metallic Tattoos are stunning! This is the MERMAID edition set which includes Necklace, Wrist Bracelet, Triangles and much much more.

They come in this heavy card stock sleeve which was placed inside a plastic bag to ensure safety while inside the shipping box.

There are 5 sheets with over 50 tattoos.

Like most temp tattoos you cut out the one you want, apply it and enjoy it until it comes off only these are the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen.

Steps to Apply:

1. Clean and dry the area where you're going to place the tattoos
2. Remove the plastic transparent layer and place tattoo face down on your skin.
3. Take a little cloth / sponge, soak it in water, and then wet with it the tattoo that is placed on your skin 4 (I simply take the kid to the sink and wet it with my fingers).
4. Apply a little pressure and count to 30
5. Gently remove the white paper from your skin, and let the tattoo dry in the open air for 2 min.

Steps to Remove:

1. Take some baby oil or makeup remover on a cotton ball or tissue and gently rub the tattoo.

Our tattoos have lasted about 7 days without cracking and that is including swimming in a lake and a pool.

They are completely water resistant so go ahead and enjoy your Summer with some stunning bling to compliment your tan and bathing suit.

 They look great and I can't wait to get another pack.

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary sample for my honest opinion.

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