Thursday, July 23, 2015

Foster The Artist In Your Child #artwork #usartsupply

My Goddess is a true artist. She gets in the zone and don't mess with her. It is her favorite thing to do. We are constantly on the lookout for paint, paper, pencils, sketchbooks and more. She has been creating since the ripe old age of 2 and we love all her pieces. She is a natural and I can't wait to see where she takes this passion. Having art supplies at the ready is important to us.

Over the years my dining room table was littered with scraps of paper, paint and glitter from all of her many projects but in the past  5 years I have tried to get her to stop ripping pages out of the books. Keep them in so we don't lose them or damage them.

This Manga/Marker book has a drawing featuring a manga/anime character on the cover which is truly a love of hers. This book has 24 pages that has some quality paper at a fantastic price!

She loves it and is keeping her art in it.

If you have a child who loves art, my suggestion is to always have the tools and resources around, they will create! They will because they can't help it.

10 Reason's Art Is Important For Your Child:

1. It's Fun
2- Art helps kids to think outside the box. To express themselves and to be inventive.
3 - Helps with motor skills
4 - Art brings culture enrichment into their lives
5 - Art is great for the soul. You feel good doing it. Pick up a crayon and see for yourself.
6 - Great for hand eye coordination
7-  Art is great for self esteem
8 - Art stimulates both sides of the brain
9 - Keeps kids unplugged.
10 -  Art strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

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 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.


  1. my 15yr old grandaughter loves to draw and she is very good at it too

  2. My younger daughter loves art and loves to draw. I think this would be good for her.

  3. Theses kids pictures look cute

  4. Both my son and daughter enjoy sitting down and drawing! They spend a lot of time being "creative"!

  5. My son and daughter spend a lot of time drawing and being creative!

  6. My daughter loves to draw and tons of paper and drawing pencils makes her happy.

  7. I love and agree strongly with the 5th reason "Art is great for the soul. You feel good doing it. Pick up a crayon and see for yourself" My son loves to draw too :)

    Fiona N


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