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Mary’s Secret Ingredients Subscription Review #subscriptionbox

Mary's Secret Ingredients is a seasonal subscription box that was created by Mary Frances of Love-The Secret Ingredient.

As a passionate cook, Mary always looks for new inspiration and interesting flavor combinations and she knows that other foodies are the same. So she wanted to share her favorite new ingredients with others, provide support to food manufacturers and producers, as well as use her passion and the popularity of her blog to give back to combat hunger.

When you first open the box!
 This is why, in 2014, Mary launched her surprise subscription box service, MARY's secret ingredients (MSI) uniting all of her goals. MSI helps natural food manufacturers introduce new products and works to eliminate childhood hunger worldwide alongside the global initiative Feed The Children.

The letter from Mary
We received the summer box from Mary's Secret Ingredients and I can tell you, we were extremely inspired.

Here is what was inside the box!

The Maguey Sweet Sap is a 100% organic raw sweetener. It was a cross between and syrup to me. It comes from the maguey plant that is native to the highlands of Mexico and since ancient times, the maguey plant has served as a source of nourishment, shelter and textiles for the people of Mexico. The Aztecs worshiped the maguey as the goddess Mayahuel, naming it the Plant of the Gods because of its alleged medicinal and nutritional properties.

 So far we have used ours in ice tea, lemonade, smoothies, on top of my oatmeal, on a waffle, and as a sweetener in our banana bread instead of sugar. It works wonderfully and tastes great. A few drops have been taken by finger too! It had to be hidden because my 10 year old kept saying can I have another drop.

Next are these Power O's from Love Grown. This is a cocoa flavored cereal that is amazingly made with....drum roll....beans.  Check out the ingredient list! Amazing!!!!

Even more amazing is my Goddess loved them!

The Cinnful Sweet Heat was delicious. I could have eaten the whole bag if I didn't HAVE to share. I wish I had more of them as soon as we were done.  There were tortilla chips with cinnamon and sugar on them. They were incredible. A little heat but just from the little coating of cinnamon. Sooooo good.

The Delta Blues Rice was surprisingly good. It is Rice Grits which we have never had. The entire bag was done by the 5th day we got the box because Goddess asked me to make them 3 times within the 5 days and when we were done she was so sad.  Literally just little pieces of rice this so a wonderful side dish. I made it using just the serving size and a box of chicken broth. Goddess likes things very plain. I made mine and added broccoli and sauteed chicken over it. Best meal I've had in a long time.


The included BBQ sauce was the most delicious I have ever had. Rufus Teague, you have my heart. I put this on everything and have even used it as a dipping sauce for my chips! LOVE IT!

Lastly the Speegee is a silicone spatula. Because of it's design it is completely versatile. Our go to these days.

While the Summer boxes are sold out you can still order future boxes at Love The Secret Ingredient. You will be surprised with how affordable these are. We are ordering the next two and think I am sending the winter one to my niece this Christmas. She will love it!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.

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  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed the summer box!! It was a blast to curate the included ingredients. I love your idea of dipping the chips in the barbecue sauce! Feel free to check out my blog for more recipe ideas:


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