Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My Turkey Dumpling Recipe

I mentioned this recipe here.

In June I went to my friend Minna's house and she gave me a pack of wonton wraps that she wouldn't be able to use before she left for vacation. Not knowing what to do with them I decided to try something different. She had used them to make dumplings but never gave me the recipe so I went with what I had in the fridge. They came out so well that I have made them 4 times already including 2 times with my niece because she liked them too!

Our last time making them we couldn't find wonton wraps so we got egg roll wraps which worked out pretty well.

Our Ingredients
We put the turkey in the food processor
We put the cabbage and two tablespoons of ginger in the processor and let it rip until it was blended

Because we were using egg roll wraps we cut them with a pizza cutter into 4 squares.

We put our blended ingredients in a bowl and added chives
Then you spoon your ingredients into the center of the wrap

Dip your finger tip in water and add to the edges of the wrap, gather and squeeze into the cute little yummy packages
We cooked them for 35 minutes in pot with boiling water to make sure the turkey is cooked and eat with a little soy sauce. They are delicious, quick and easy.

What would you add to your dumplings?

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  1. Oh, yum! I love these. Such an easy recipe, too. Thanks!
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