Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Barron SAT 26th Edition - A Review


This edition of Barron’s SAT manual presents:
  • A diagnostic test and five full-length practice tests with all questions answered and explained
  • Test-taking tactics for the exam as a whole, and special strategies for each part of the test
  • Subject reviews covering critical reading, grammar and usage, and math
  • Detailed instruction in writing the required SAT essay
  • An overview of the SAT, an explanation of the test’s scoring method, and study advice
The manual can be purchased alone or with a CD-ROM that presents two additional practice tests with explained answers and automatic scoring.

Table of Contents:
    SAT Format and Test Dates
    Countdown to the SAT
  • Part 1 - Get Acquainted with the SAT
    Introduction: Let’s Look at the SAT
  • Part 2 - Pinpoint Your Trouble Spots
    A Diagnostic SAT
  • Part 3 - Tactics and Practice: Critical Reading
    The Sentence Completion Question
    The Passage-Based Reading Question
    Build Your Vocabulary
    Writing Skills
    Grammar, Plain and Fanciful
    Common Problems in Grammar and Usage
    The Writing Skills Questions
    Writing a 25-Minute Essay
    Introduction to the Math Sections
    Math Strategies and Tactics
    Reviewing Mathematics
  • Part 4 - Test Yourself
    Six Model SAT Tests 
The 411 by Amanda (my niece):
  • My first thought was where was this when I was studying for my SAT?
  • Barrons has been a trusted source for all my test resources for years. 
  • The book is long and thorough, encompassing every section on the test which is extremely helpful even as a refresher for those who may not find the need to study every section. BTW...you can never study enough!
  • There are 3 complete sample tests with easily identifiable page markers for quicker access.
  • I found the cut out flash cards to be a thoughtful addition to the study guide to help prep vocabulary for the writing section.
  • Detailed SAT format and test dates with advice before and during the test.
Barrons has a test prep Website for the SAT I exams BarronsTestPrep.com

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