Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Handsome's 2nd Grade Birthday Party

One of the best things about the kids being in Elementary School is that you are still invited into the school. I hear that once they get in the higher grades, you are left out of everything.

For Handsome's 9th Birthday party at school, I brought in ice pops because Handsome doesn't do cake. There is no cake or cupcake that he will eat. Ice pops in May go over beautifully to a bunch of 8 year olds. Perfect celebration, plus fruit leather. They were loving me. Sweet.

Right after reading a book that I shared with the class (they are so cute listening intently to me reading), we did the snack. Handsome felt so proud as he handed out snacks.

Handsome and his wonderful teacher.

Fruit Leather is yummy
Handsome and his class. I know these kids forever and love them all. Well, OK not all but 95% of them


  1. No cake or cupcakes?! You're killing me, Handsome! Has he ever tried a cookie cake from the Great American Cookie Company? Those things are addictive! Hope he had a great birthday :)

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