Thursday, August 09, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese's Throws An Awesome Party

This year we had Goddess' 7th Birthday party for her friends at Chuck E. Cheese's. Her aunt had sent some money toward the party and they are getting older so we figured lets just do it and let her have a great time before she no longer wants these kinds of parties.

We had the best time. The kids were given soooo many tokens and even when the pizza was a few minutes late (I hadn't even noticed), they gave us even more tokens. Every once in a while Chuck E. would walk through and toss coins. We hardly saw the kids as they jumped so quickly from game to game that they weren't in one place long enough to spot them. Head counts were almost impossible but every time we did see their faces, they were smiling!

Hanging from the ceiling in a cage but at least I knew where they were.

We were able to get some of the group together for a picture. Wasn't an easy task either. They were flying.

Goddess, invited her and my Daisy troop and a few of her male friends that she has known since preschool, along with Jewel who was the oldest of the group and Handsome. It was a great group of kids and I felt the kids were in a safe environment where they could enjoy some freedom.

As you can clearly see, they had a fab time!

Our host was amazing and the manager very thoughtful and courtesy. Best place ever! The pizza was great, the cake was great and the service was amazing! Our bill was much lower than we had anticipated and my kids went again this past week because we still had over 100 tokens left! They played for 2 hours and I never paid a cent. Thanks for making my daughter's birthday so amazing.

Pictures of Goddess and Jewel going into the ticket booth and the kids looking at them pointing to the floating tickets.

And now for the favors!

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