Saturday, August 11, 2012

Arbor Day Recap & Goddess Plants A Tree

The end of April, I was invited to take photos of the elementary school's celebration of Arbor Day.

There is something about watching your kids march with their friends down the street. They are with their class, the teacher and other, so controlled, laughing, smiling and then they spot you. Their mommy! They are so happy to see you and it feels good when your child waves at you from a sea of smiling faces. It warms my heart and makes me feel more like a mom than any moment.

He spots me and waves! Hi Mommy! God I love that face!

One of my favorites of the day. They all look so funny. Not sure what was going on here but love the faces.

After Handsome, Goddess spots me as her class enters the park.

The kids all do a little poetry, which is always adorable to me.

AND if Goddess hasn't had enough Birthday coverage....the Mayor asks everyone with a birthday in April to come forward. They are each given a shovel and told that they will help plant the tree that was donated to the kids of the elementary school.

She was in her glory. As you can see, only Goddess got the joke as they got instructions.

She really put her back into it. Those kids in the back look like they are saying, "OK...they didn't really mean plant the tree. You can stop now! Relinquish the shovel little girl!" The DPW guys didn't look like they were too eager to take over the shoveling. They were leaning against the truck thinking, child labor is a good thing.
I thought for sure she would talk about the tree every time we visit the park but she never mentions it. Umm....

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