Saturday, August 11, 2012

Handsome Turns 9

Wow...I cannot believe my Handsome is already 9. The last year before he turns double digits. I swear I was pregnant with him yesterday. Thankfully my blog allows me to relive each birthday.  Last year I didn't do it and regret it so this year, I am thinking better late than never.

This photo is the day before his birthday.


You are such a special boy. I love you so much. My first born. My son! You are a challenge but an interesting one. You have come so far and cannot believe how much you have grown this year. There have been so many changes in just a few short weeks too. The biggest one is your saying, "I love you" without being prompted. In the past I would have to ask for it. After I said it to you, especially at bedtime after saying it would tell you, "now you say it to me." You would say it but it was between a closed jaw and never felt real but I was happy to get it. NOW...and I would say, it has only been about two months, whenever I say, I Love You. You say, I love you too mom! I am thrilled and rejoice each time I hear it. It feels and sounds real and my heart swells with each one!

These days you love:
Xbox games
Wii games
Playing alone
Playing with people
Phineas and Ferb
The Little Rascals

You are very basic and have a huge appetite. You like hot dogs, chicken, letter pasta, meatballs, eggs, bacon, and apples.

You did awesome in school this year. You read so well that all your teachers tell me they are very impressed with how you manage to sound words out that are well above your level and that your diction is outstanding. All of this makes me very proud.

While you are still in speech and OT, your instructors really know you and are helping you with your weaknesses. A lisp and low muscle tone in your hands is still what is mentioned along with staying on task without losing focus. Studying is challenging to you. You have no patience for it.
  • You love being first
  • You love eating out
  • You still prefer being home more than anywhere else.
  • You love hugging and being tickled.  Your hugs are the best.
  • You still love being on my lap and I often find you coming up behind me and wrapping your arms around me while you lean into me smelling my hair and telling me that it smells wonderful.
  • You are having trouble getting used to me working for a few hours and constantly tell me how much you missed me and how much you are going to miss me before I even leave the house.
  • You talk often about when you grow up you are going to have cats and dogs.
  • You still think everything is special if it has your name on it.
  • You have taken to writing us notes to tell us how you are feeling.
  • You love hearing that we are proud of you
  • I have to referee you and Goddess about 15 times a day. Usually over something stupid like you don't want her watching you play Wii or you think she is wasting your time when she is walking slow in front of you.
  • You sometimes try to act like you are the adult and in charge with your sister and your friends and get upset when they tell you that you are not the boss.
  • You have started mimicking everyone's sneeze and have it down. You sound like all of us. Maybe you will do voices when you are older.  Whenever someone sneezes you laugh. This may be a problem in school when the kids start complaining to the teacher and eventually the principal.

You got in trouble in school this year a few times. I was called by the principal three times the last call was the worst one. You punch a kid. Walked up to him while he was sitting at his desk with his arms across it. Told him to remove his hands and when he wouldn't you hit him. You say you punched him. Your teachers and your fellow classmates were shocked. I was shocked! My son, why? What did you do that for? We talked about it for a few days. Eventually you told me that you thought he was going to do something stupid and you hit him for no reason. You were grounded by us and thankfully the school removed the suspension as I requested and after a meeting with the principal, the teachers and your aids, it was established that you didn't know that what you were doing wasn't OK! I think you know it wasn't OK and while I know it wasn't a punch you touch another little boys face and I asked the school to take away the school bus, recess and lunch time with your friends because that is what would stick with you and maybe you would learn not to bully. Oddly enough this came right after a non-bullying rally at your school. Go figure.

  • You are a really good and aggressive soccer player. 
  • You like going to Cub Scouts and sharing with your friends. 
  • You love swimming
  • You and Goddess always play nice together we out and look for each other when not in the house unless you are in school when you act like you don't know her.

You are almost as tall as me which isn't hard, I am 4'11" and you are 4'9" which means by your next birthday, you will probably be taller than I am at 10 years old. Crazy!

You have become my bug killer, chore helper, laundry carrier, grocery bagger and food put away guy. You help carry things up and down the stairs and are always on a TP or paper towel run for us to the downstairs supply closet.

You take pride in helping and love visiting family. You wish we all loved in a really big house together.

You are my favorite little guy!

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