Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Annnnddd We Start May With A Bridging Ceremony

I am so behind with my personal posts. This blog was started to talk about life, my kids and my thoughts on parenting and if I don't write this stuff down, how will I remember? My goal is to create books for the kids, they will not want to read about all the reviews and giveaways, as great as they are but about their early years. So with that said, let's talk about May!

We start May with my Goddess growing from a Daisy to a Brownie as my leader and I bridge our girls. We are so proud of our girl who completed two years of Daisy in one year. Miriam, the leader who took on the task of going to the council and getting permission to allow her to take her new Daisy troop through two years of Daisy work so that they would bridge timely asked me to co-lead on our first meeting. There was so much paperwork for the parents and the girls were running amuck so I went over and tried to get them doing something structured. Eventually everyone was calm, laughing and smiling. I would have totally helped her throughout the year without her asking but was honored to be asked to co-lead with her.  The girls had missed their first year of Daisy badges because their leader had been lax in doing anything with them. Was unmotivated and eventually ended up on the police blotter. Glad I didn't put Goddess in with her. I just knew something wasn't right. Blessing in disguise.

I love being a co-leader and absolutely adore all of our girls.

On the bridging ceremony, Teach took the camera and snapped a few photos for us. A moment in Goddess' life couldn't be ignored just because mom would be on stage with her.

Proof that it isn't the camera that takes a great picture (which is something I have told anyone who has ever told me they need a camera like mine because "you take great pictures"). Teach had my camera and snapped these and I am so thankful he did because Goddess and the rest of the troop made me so proud. I wish he had recorded them speaking. Goddess spoke into the mic which really surprised me. We rehearsed the girls for two weeks, getting on stage and speaking into the mic but didn't think they would actually do it.  They all were wonderful remembering their lines and speaking loud and clear! Hooray to our girls.

Me and my co-leader. I was trying not to cry. So proud of my girls.

Goddess speaking into the mic

Goddess coming over to me so I could remove her Daisy uniform

Teach got up and changed his angle
A friend's Brownie troop helped our girls bridge over. It was very sweet and symbolic of sisters helping each other. We will lead these special girls again this year and I look forward to seeing how much they have grown over the summer in both height and personalities.

Goddess in her Brownie Uniform

Reciting the Girl Scout Promise

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  1. Sweet! I used to work for Girl Scouts...THANK YOU for being a troop co-leader! I know it can be a pain working with your Council (I was often called 'The Enemy'...LOL), but it is so great to have functional and FUN troops for girls to really experience everything scouting has to offer!


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