Monday, August 27, 2012

Light A Candle, Lose A Pound Courtesy of St. Roz - A Review


A statue with miraculous weight loss powers arrives unexpectedly in a poor parish church. Local women discover if you light a candle, you lose a pound. Judy, the overweight daughter of the weight-loss queen Minnie Barr, discovers with delight the statue’s powers. The pounds shed off her. As word of this miracle spreads,women arrive from all over the world. Money pours into the church. The statue is an international sensation. The press goes crazy. But Minnie’s empire and the rest of the weight loss industry go into free fall as women abandon weight loss and exercise clubs. Church and industry leaders conspire to remove the statue. An epic cat and mouse struggle ensues between the forces that want to protect St. Roz and those who are threatened by her. 

The 411 by Maria: 

Imagine being able to light a candle at a church under a statue of a saint and lose a pound while eating whatever you want? Light 5, lose 5. This is actually what happens in St. Roz starring Rachel Wilson who plays Judy.

When a mysterious statue shows up outside a suffering church, the church suddenly finds itself with more money than a loan shark and undergarment decorations.

Judy is the daughter of the weight loss Queen, Minnie Barr who has helped thousands lose weight. Minnie's goal is to get her daughter the only one she can't seem to help lose weight, quickly married. At her comfortable size 12, (I swear that is all she can possibly be) no man will ever love her. Minnie quickly hires a dashing young man to romance Judy just as Judy finds the statue. She places her money in the box, gets home and finds that wah-la, she has lost 5 pounds and as long as she pays the church and prays, her weight continues to fall off.

The cast does a great job with this small movie with a decent premise and Michael Lamport who plays  Father Culkoski looks so much like Robin Williams I had to look up the cast while watching the movie to see if they shared any lineage. Alas, I don't see any. Just a Doppelganger. We all have one you know!

Not a mainstream movie but so worth the view.

See this award winning movie and imagine being able to eat all your cakes and cookies while dropping pounds. Nice!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary screener copy of this movie for the purpose of this review.

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