Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Squinkes - Toys For Kids To Go Crazy Over!

SQUINKIES little mini dolls and pet figures that were introduce this summer to rave reviews. I just heard they were sold out at my Target.

Squinkies Overview:
Squishy, squooshy, squashy and totally adorable.
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I was given the opportunity to review Squinkies toys by Blip Toys this week. We got the box in the mail and the kids were so excited, they had never heard of them and wanted to rip open the package. Inside the package were little mini, plastic bubbles, encased inside the bubbles, the cutest mini toys ever.

There were 96 released initially with more collectible Squinkies Dolls and pets being released on a regular basis. There will be hundreds of figures to collect, trade and share. 

In addition to the Surprize Inside Bubble Packs, the Squinkies line includes a variety of fun accessories and play coin dispenser playsets at a variety of price points that will accommodate any budget. There’s always a surprise with Squinkies dispenser playsets as each playset is creatively themed with meticulous detail and come with plastic toy bubbles with Squinkies inside plus accessories to round out play!

As part of the dispenser play, toy coins are inserted into the playset slot allowing kids to twist the dial and dispense a Squinkie surprise! Each playset dispenser is large enough to hold several Squinkies inside their plastic toy bubbles. Squinkies figures, playsets and accessories are each sold separately.

A Category of Their Own:
Squinkies collectible mini dolls and pets, playsets and accessories are sure to foster a love for collecting and trading plus encourage sharing and creative thinking.

Boasting highly detailed characters, a unique tactile “squishy” feel, extensive number and variety of characters, plus added play value accessories and dispenser playsets, Squinkies have firmly established a special mini doll category of its own that is like no other.

What I Can Tell You:
For some reason although it is beyond my comprehension, kids absolutely love them. I can only imagine that that are the tiniest things ever. With perfect little details and tons of color.

I heard from one of my girlfriends today who told me that her daughter wants the playset for Christmas. Kids are definitely interested and really isn't that what makes a successful toy?

Why I like them: 
They are small, don't take up a lot of space as some kid toys do. 
I know for a fact, that I would have wanted to collect these if I were a kid!
You can also carry them around on your pencil and with back to school this week, my daughter will be able to take one of these with her to decorate her pencil and remind her of home.

The Squinkies Products Line:
Check out the entire line of collectible Squinkies dolls, playsets, and accessories at:

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  1. Glad your kids got a chance to play with these, they look so cute! I'm going to have to buy some for my nieces =)

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    My baby is asking for this!!!

    arrgghhh is sold out.

  3. Great post! When I read your article, I really agree with you about this. I hope you will share more with us. Thank you!


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