Friday, September 24, 2010

Alize' Awesome Alone or In Mixed Cocktail

Intensely unique and inviting, Alizé Passion liqueurs infuse premium French Vodka with luscious, all natural flavors from the world’s most exotic regions. Our Master Blenders travel from the jungles of Brazil, the lush hillsides of Chile, the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, the flourishing Mediterranean Coast, and to the tropical shores of South America and the pacific islands to bring you the nectars of our exotic fruits.
Alizé is delicious mixed with vodka, tequila, rum or a splash of Champagne. Alizé is also refreshing on the rocks or in mimosas, martinis and margaritas.

This week I was able to review Alize's Gold Passion and Red Passion thanks to PR folks after my own heart!

My plans were to host a tasting with some of the chicks I hang out with in my town during school. I peaked their interest by posting this on Facebook.

Going to review a fruit infused vodka called Alize'. Anyone want in?

In 5 hours I got 10 responses
I love Alize! Good stuff! Save me a glass!
Ummmm hell to the YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH
When? I'm so in!
It's good!!! I used to drink it a long time
Sounds good let me know
Me! Me! I want some
Great idea I love Alize'
Me too! I used to drink it when I was younger. Count me in!
Is there some for me? Yes please, I want to be included.

Ok, so now that I knew my friends were interested, the plan was a board game and some drinks.

My beer drinking husband looked at the Red Passion and asked me what it taste like. I told him I had had a glass and it was good. Not too strong. Very tasty and taste great with some seltzer added too!

He said, you know I don't like strong alcohol. Will I like it? I said, try it. He had a drink. Then he had another. He came up to cracked open the Gold Passion stating that he really liked the Red Passion. Four glasses later, I am down to a half bottle of Gold Passion and will have to grab some bottles next week for the ladies who were interested. I hate to tease and not follow through.

Alize' passed the test in my house. I am not much of a drinker and my husband only drinks beer. For him to say he "I really, really like it" and have 4 glasses, says something.

BTW, if you are hosting a Halloween Party, be sure to grab some bottles of Alize'.
Check out these recipes.

Mad Scientist Sangria

1 part Alizé Red Passion
1 part red wine
Chill Alizé Red Passion and red wine. Just before serving add 1 part ginger ale. Serve in a wine glass
and garnish with a slice of apple or orange.

Vampire Kiss Martini

1 ½ part Alizé Red Passion
1 part Alizé Gold Passion
1 part premium vodka
Top with lemonade and serve in a martini glass.
Devil’s Punch

2 parts Alizé Gold Passion
2 parts Bacardi Limon
Splash of Canton Ginger Liqueur
Splash of Cranberry juice
Splash of Lime juice
Splash of Ginger ale

Now, those drinks really sound like a reason to throw that Halloween Party Goddess has been talking about.

Disclaimer: I received two complimentary bottles from Alizé Liqueur to try for this review.


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Alize was my drink!!! I would love to try all the other flavors!! Lucky GIRL!!!!

  2. Party at Maria's!!! lol

  3. Man, do I wish I lived closer to you - when's the party? I have never heard of this and would love to try it.


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