Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pinkalicious Tickled Pink by Victoria Kann

We have been big fans of the Pinkalicious books by Victoria Kann for two years. They are so fun to read and both my kids love them.

Pinkalicious is a little girl who loves Pink. The little girls in my area, love their Pinkalicious. The Pinkalicious books are so popular there was even become a musical.

Thanks to Harper Collins Children, I was able to review one of the many Pinkalicious books, Pinkalicious Tickled Pink. 

Book Description
When Tiffany challenges Pinkalicious to a laugh-off, the pressure is on to create the most pinkerrifically funny joke of all time.

Even if Pinkalicious doesn't win the contest, she's going to have a lot of fun trying!

What I Can Tell You:
Pinkalicious is still funny! Even my 7 year old son liked the book and has been seen reading it three times in the past 4 days.

Pinkalicious is reading jokes out of a joke book and her friends are hysterical laughing. When Tiffany challenges Pinkalicious to a Laugh-off without the help of a joke book, nerves set in.

When the term "pink" saves the day, everyone is happy, even Tiffany.

Even the "mean girls" in Pinkalicious are never that mean and I am always happy when Pinkalicious' brother Peter is in the book. He cracks us up.

The illustrations are sweet and very detailed for a small children's book.

Fun to read to young non readers 4-6 but also a great book for young self readers between 7-10. One of the reasons I love this book for self readers, is that some of the words are bigger and made up like pinkatastic and pinkerrifically as in something being pinkerrifically funny.

Pinkalicious is expressive and full of personality, also she is a good girl and a great role model.

There is a wonderful world of all thing Pinkalicious at the website. I know someone who will be getting a Pinkalicious doll this Christmas.
Check out the many Pinkalicious books, your kids will love them and so will you.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Harper Collins Children for the complimentary copy.


  1. I am sure my niece would love this book! Thanks for featuring it!

  2. Anonymous10:43 PM

    What a cute doll. Now i have to add this to my Xmas list.

  3. Love, love, love this series of books! I bought three of them for my daughter's friend and she loved them. My daughter is also getting them for Christmas but she doesn't know that yet :)

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