Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Happiness Project - What Makes You Happy?


Right before school started, I headed out to bowl with my friends, Lauri and Clary and their babies.

It was fun to be competitive with a friend. I haven't bowled in 20 years so I didn't do so well. This is not Wii my friends. Those balls have some weight, and you have to fight the perfect finger fit. BTW...I came in last behind my baby girl. Not too embarrassing.

Handsome trying to coax the ball to go the way he wants.



My beautiful baby in my favorite dress beat me with 50 points. Waahhhhh...Yeah I suck that bad.


  1. Bowling is fun. I need to do this again soon. You daughter is beautiful too.

  2. Aww what fun! I've been bowling for years but had to stop this summer after I wrecked my back...its fun to see the little ones doing it!

  3. She does look beautiful in that dress, but what caught my eye was how lined up her shot is! Kudos!

  4. Cute kids! And it looks like they've got that bowling thing down!!


  5. Bowling is always surprisingly fun!

  6. Looks like so much fun!

  7. Bowling!!! I love Bowling... I used to be in a league and scored a 12 once!! ha ha Happy times!

  8. You think you suck at bowling? When my niece was 8, she beat my husband's bowling score and she had a BROKEN arm!! lol We will NEVER let him live it down.


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