Thursday, September 09, 2010

Memory Rewind - Mommy and Me - Circa 1967

Here is your chance to use some of those older photos you have on your computer that you may have forgotten about. Post a photo and write a story about it.

Without a scanner, this picture is really going to suck but I am going to post it anyway for prosperity.
Here I am at 1 sitting on my Mommy's lap. I may look big but trust me I was only 1. My mom was only 4'9 which means at 4'11", I would be taller than her.

I wish I knew who the woman sitting to the side was, I don't there are no other pictures to even give me a hint. My mommy looks as dressed up as I am for my first. She was 26 years old and seems so very young even with the thick black glasses on. My dad is taking the picture, and you would think that he would have tried to get me to smile, oh well. At least my mommy is looking at me with love and a smile.

My sister Gabrielle was already born the month before (we are 11 months apart) which means Mommy was still recouping from giving birth and getting used to two babies. It is amazing that she is smiling.

This picture is very special to me because well as most of my long time readers know, I lost mommy when I was 11 years old to Cancer (here is my tribute post). I don't have many pictures of her which is one of the reasons I came up with Self Portrait Sunday and why I take so many pictures of the kids and I. You never know when your time is, create memories for your children that will last THEIR lifetime.

On an up note, today is my Hex Bug party and I have 10 kids coming to the house with their mommies. Look for the review and giveaway of a Hex Bug set soon.

Join me and bring back a memory.


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    awww how cute! Is nice to see a picture of you with your mom.

    The hex party rocked!!!

  2. I had a tiny mom too. She was only just 4'11", but then her last year of her life, she literally shrank 2" down to 4'9". She had alot of health problems that last year, strokes, but also very severe osteoporosis. I wouldn't doubt if the osteoporosis actually caused some of the strokes by letting some of the fatty liquids in the bone marrow leak into her blood stream, thereby causing fatty emboli. That's what happens to older people often after hip fractures.
    I'm glad you take bunches of pictures for your children, you're right one never knows and children do need them to be able to look back on and be happy.

  3. You and your mom are beautiful! Thanks for sharing such a special photo with us.


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