Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ABC Wednesday - J

I know I used this sometime this week but it is worth using it again.

J = Jammed
This poor fly ended up meeting his demise in the form of an outdoor gazebo. Poor thing!
Sept 4, 2010 (2)

J = Jumping
Or in this geese's case, jumping with grace. In a quest to get some action shots, I herded the 20+ geese at the lake one morning to the edge by stomping behind them. Then a few exhilarating squawks by waving my arm and shouting forced them to run for their lives from the crazy, mental person wielding a camera behind them. The fisherman packed up their gear and high tailed it out but not before I got some great shots.

J = Jewelry
Some of you know that I am Street Angel on Etsy. This is a creative outlet that allows me to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that I would wear myself. Each piece is original and will never be seen anywhere on anyone but you. Ok, enough of the sales pitch. Taking pictures of jewelry is never easy. I have not mastered it but I think I have gotten better from when I first started.


  1. Ah, the screen as insecticide. Or maybe the fly was suicidal?

    Love the jumping goose & jewelry.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Great pictures!! The reason the geese flew away was to finally get away from the crazy person. (YOU) lol

  3. LOL @ jammed... every time...

    Love the Jumping pic best. My geese. Mine! Well I am Canadian and all.


  4. What great jewellery! And that's an incredibly good shot of the goose taking off!

  5. A delightful J post! Loved every pixel of it!

  6. Nice red jewelery, I like it.

  7. I can't help hearing "Help me! Help me!" when I look at the first picture - my homage to Vincent Price.
    I love tha photo of the geese, especially the one who looks like he is just about to fall off the edge.
    You know I love all your jewelry and I think you photograph it fabulously. I love when you use books with the pieces, it makes them stand out incredibly.


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