Friday, September 10, 2010

HexBugs Nano Rule - Toy Review

Wow, where do I start?!

Thanks to Mom Select I hosted a HexBugs Nano Party with 10 of my kids friends and their moms yesterday. It was so much fun.

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Wondering what a Hexbug Nanos is?

They are really cool!

hexbug 3We received:
30 HEXBUG Nano Test Tubes
A HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set
A HEXBUG Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set

A party host seriously couldn't ask for more. We set a basic track up for the kids and left the rest up to them.

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As someone who has set up quite a few Mom Select party kits, this was easy. The tracks connect and disconnect really easily. The pieces can configure into anything your kids can come up with. 

Most of the moms who were at this party where here for another party this year so it was fun to hear them compare the toys and discuss the reasons they liked Nano 

What We Can Tell You:
  • The moms appreciated the size of the bugs and the size of the habitat. It is not so big that you cannot keep it up most of the time.
  • The wheels don't get stuck in your hair. 
  • Unlike some other playsets that we have reviewed these tracks stay very connected. There was never a time when I had to reconnect anything because of "child play".We loved the "door" that are built into the hexagon pieces.
  • The bugs crack kids up.
  • We put stickers on them so that everyone could tell there bug from another bug.
  •  Each kid walked out with 2 bugs and a bit of the playset. I think some will be added to this holiday season if not before. 
BTW, each Nano Hexbug comes with their own computer code where you can register your bug, play games and learn about Science.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Mom Select and HEXBUGS Nano for the opportunity to review this really fun item.


  1. Super cool toy! Great review!

  2. Anonymous5:01 PM

    These are very cool. You always throw great parties. Can not wait for your next review.


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