Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday Takes - Ghost Girl

Freda's Tuesday Takes is doing Creative Editing. Here is my submission.

Teach and I have been playing with the camera on a tripod lately. He brought me the camera for Christmas and I still haven't mastered some of the features. Teach sat down with the book the other day and played with some buttons showing me what he learned.

Goddess and I were alone on the deck afterward and I asked her to pose/move for me and the camera. Here is the illusion we were going for. Ghost Girl!

Can you tell she is saying "booooo" as she runs toward me?



  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Creeeeepppyyy but very nice. It does look like a ghost. lol

  2. This is the coolest "creative" photo I've seen. Love the layering effect and how eerie Goddess looks!
    Kudos chicka!


  3. That is very cool! If you ever have a Halloween party you should make up some invitations like that.


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