Tuesday, September 07, 2010

ABC Wednesday - H

This week ABC Wednesday is hosting the letter H.

H = Handmade - I have a shop on Etsy called Street Angel. Here are my latest creations.
H = Hair tie and Horse - Goddess likes to decorate and we find things decorated all over the house. Often times it makes you smile like this time. Sometimes, you just roll your eyes, like when you find a hanger draped on your just pressed shirt or an animal on a pretend leash hanging from a dining room chair.

H = Holding - Here is Handsome holding his very first puppy. Well not "his" but the first puppy he ever held. Oh, you get it!


H = Hermit Crab


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I absolutely love the jewelry you made. Beautiful!

  2. Such a wonderful, colorful post for the H Day! Love your jewelry! Beautiful! And the young man and the puppy are priceless! Hope your week is going well!


  3. that's a lovely pair.. perfect for a white colored top..

    Hope you can drop by
    My ABC Wednesday post here

    BTW, I’m inviting you to just comment and win a nice hoop earring at
    Woman’s Elan Vital Thank You.

  4. Nice jewellry and I can see the look of awe on the boy's face as he's holding that tiny puppy!

  5. 'Handmade', 'hairtie', 'horse', 'holding' and 'hermitcrab' are wonderful H-words!
    Lovely photos too.
    Best wishes,

    Anna's H-word-abcWed

  6. love the hermit crab; maybe he won't be so crabby!

    your jewelry is nice.

  7. less crabby hermit crab now!

  8. Happy. That's what your photos make me.

  9. Clary, Thanks. I love this red.

    Sylvia, Yes, He had a ball holding the puppy and wants to do it again really soon. Thanks for the compliment on my jewelry.

    Vernz, Yes. it would look awesome on White. Thanks.

    Leslie, Glad you can you see it. He was thrilled.

    Anna, Thank you. It was a fun letter.

    Roger, Those crabs were really funky. I didn't love the sound they made when they walked on the table. Creepy!

    Freda, You rock. Thanks honey.

  10. Nice handiwork, you're so talented!

  11. Vibrant addition to H Day on ABC Wednesday! All reddish oranges in your photos except for Goddess' pink boa. Like your jewelry creation very much!
    Helen Mac
    ABC team

  12. All these "H's" made me smile..Esp. Goddess' little doll, I remember doing that. Wonderful post for "H" :)


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