Monday, September 27, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Jack In The Pulpit

Ruby Tuesday = While on a butterfly walk with my daughter's Kindergarten class, we spotted this beautiful ruby red, Jack in the Pulpit.
Jack in the pulpit


  1. What a beautiful and unusual photograph! And I love the idea of a butterfly walk!

  2. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I absolutely love this picture. I like how her pointer is slightly red from the berries.

  3. The black and white tones down the scene, so much so that the brilliant and bold ruby berries jump at us. The effects are beautiful!

  4. Cool photo, would make a nice Christmas gift because of the beautiful Red Jack in the Pulpit. Maybe something nice for a Sunday School teacher, as a thank-you, or a Thank-you note card front, saying something like "You're more precious than rubies."

  5. Rinkly, It was a great capture. The guide walked up to the class all excited that she had found something so wonderful. You can tell how excited she was just by her hands.

    Clary, I agree. The pinkish fingertip gives a nice effect.

    Ralph, Thanks. I thought so as well. I almost cropped out her ring because I thought it took away from the flower but decided to leave it since it was just a small amount to force your eye to look down.

    That is a great idea. I really appreciate it. Recently, I posted some photos on my Etsy shop to see if anyone is interested. This was one of the photos I added but the words are great. Thank you so much.

  6. Love the color separation that highlights the meme's theme color.

  7. What a gorgeous photo and the effect is just perfect.
    I agree with ifhpueblo about making it into a card, it would be gorgeous.
    You are a fabulous artist.


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