Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School is In Session! Learn History In A New, Fun, Way

As a child, social studies or History was my least favorite subject next to math. As I have gotten older, I am much more interested in learning about the History that shaped the world I live in and why it is an important subject in schools.

Mission US has been created by the THIRTEEN, a company we have come to know and trust in education.

Teens and tweens across the country will soon experience American history as never before! 
Mission US will feature a series of free online games that will “revolutionize” the way social studies learning takes place in classrooms and homes throughout the United States.  Yesterday Mission US  launched the first game mission, “For Crown or Colony?, which focuses on events leading up to the American Revolution.

Mission US comes at the right time, as statistics from the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress, “The Nation’s Report Card,” show that only 17% of eighth graders perform at or above the proficient level in American history.  The situation is even more dire for underserved students.  Mission US aims to stem the tide by reaching today’s tech-savvy kids where they “live,” inviting them to be “players” during pivotal eras in the country’s past.  The content helps students understand and appreciate multiple perspectives and gain a more nuanced view of history.  “For Crown or Colony?” provides kids with insight into the mindsets of both Patriots and Loyalists.    

Maybe if this site was around when I was a child, I would have been interested in knowing about the world's past.

Mention game and kids are already interested. I can only imagine if I were a teacher of the 5th - 9th grade, how excited I would be. The website can be streamed right to your classroom whether you are in school or homeschooling. Mission US also provides information and materials to support the use of Mission 1 in your classroom. Download all the teacher materials as a DOC or PDF.

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  1. I'm with you, if this was around while I was in school, I may have done better in history. It was my worst subject, I was much better at math & science.
    This looks like a great tool for educators to help students become more involved in learning.


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