Thursday, August 12, 2010

Memory Rewind - Circa 1971

Here is your chance to use some of those older photos you have on your computer that you may have forgotten about. Post a photo and write a story about it.

Join me and bring back a memory.

This is a really crappy picture. My sister took a picture of a picture with her cell and posted on Facebook which is the only reason I have access to it right now.

This is around 1971-72. I am only guess because my youngest sister looks about 3 here.

We are in Millbrook, NY where we all shared a room in the house my grandparents in their 90's still own. They still go up every summer.

The fashion of the 70's is just so crazy. I am on the left looking like I have come out of Little House on The Prairie.

We are on our way to church, I can tell because of my head covering. Waaay back in the Catholic Church right before I received Communion, you had to have your head covered to go to church. I remember loving this dress because of the lace up the front. I would till love the it for the same reason.

My sister on the right is Gabrielle. We are only 11 months apart which is crazy because right now we are the same age. Her birthday is in July and I am in August. Until Friday, we are both 43!

It's funny to see how little I was but know that I felt like such a big girl that day. I love the way my little sisters legs are, and the hat lopsided on her head. It was probably perfect before my parents stepped out of the picture, then she leaned against the tree creating the askew position we know and love now.

Hope to see your photos. Please link over so I can find you.


  1. Awesome flashback! You look like part of the Ingall's cast members!!

  2. Very cute--I love your little outfits and hats. I was born at the end of '79, so I was subjected to fashions of the 80's which were WAAAY worse, in my opinion.


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