Monday, August 09, 2010

Color - Red

Today is RED Monday
This weekend we finally brought up Handsome's 5th Birthday present bike that he got from his Abuela and Abuelo. This was his first time riding it and did awesome. The helmet is a hockey helmet that has zero breathing holes so he was probably melting in the 88 degree weather. The missing tooth the scrap along the nose, all adds to the biking experience. Thankfully neither where from a bike accident. The tooth fell out a few months ago and the scrap was an accident on Friday night when his father was putting him to bed. Dark, head movement and finger nails do not go well together. I think Teach is still removing skin from under his fingernail. Handsome lifted his head off the pillow just as Teach was fixing his cover. Poor kid looks like he went a round with Tyson.


  1. He's still really cute, even with a scrap across the nose, and the missing tooth.
    He probably was hot with the helmet on, especially since it's a dark color like that.
    Looks like he's real happy on his birthday bike though.

  2. Red shirt, and red bike! Awesome!!!

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    He still looks handsome!!

  4. I did the same thing to my daughter's nose and she STILL has the scar! She likes to tell people, "See where mommy broke my nose?" Yeah, makes me feel like a steaming pile of crap!


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