Monday, August 16, 2010

Health Care Issues and More

Since incurring over $20,000 in medical bills this year, I find this information very interesting. Just this Friday I had a medical company call me about I letter I sent in regards to a bill. In the letter, we are asking that the 10 medical bill companies involved in my medical stay since May work with us on a budget. We still have the house, the car, the home bills, food, two kids, and now 10 medical bills to fit into our budget. Most of the companies have worked with us. This particular billing company said that I could pay $3,000 to cover the $4,300 bill and be done with it or I could pay $250.00 a month. This sounds reasonable but if I had $3,000 sitting around, wouldn't I have health insurance? Also, $250.00 a month isn't a lot if there weren't 9 other medical bills on top of my household expenses.

We have been blessed and surprised how willing medical practices have been to work with us on payment plans and hardship adjustments.  It frustrates me when my friends complain about doctor bills and how money hungry doctors are. After working for a group of amazing doctors in my past, I know the amount of deductions insurance force on the doctors. I remember the bills going out to various insurance companies and having them  paying sometimes as little as 12% and the doctor having to write the balance off.  So while patients see an office visit show up on the bill that says, $80.00, they have no idea that the doctor gets someone as little as $22.00 for that visit depending on the contract with the insurance company.

I would love to have health insurance but wonder if  we are not in a better position considering that if we had insurance I would have already paid out $48,000 in the past 4 years to have it. So in essence we saved $28,000 by not having insurance. Crazy considering how important insurance is.

Last week I received this article in my in-box.  Heading over to for the 3rd time this year to see if there is anything new. The only person with health insurance is Handsome on NY Health Plus. While I am thankful he has it, I worry about the rest of us.


  1. No offense to you guys in the least, but this is another reason why I am thankful I'm Canadian and have our healthcare. This is just something we don't have to worry about.

    I hope the US takes note before it buries it's citizens. Pardon the pun.

  2. You're danged if you have coverage and danged if you don't, really. All you can do is cross your fingers, wash your hands, and pray to God you don't get sick.


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