Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Top Tips for Squeezing Some Veg into your Kid's Diet

Getting kids to eat their vegetables is the longest-running battle between parents and their children. If at the end of dinner time you have achieved a clean plateyou should hold it up high like Serena Williams at the end of the Wimbledon final!

Nobody knows where the universal child hatred for veggies comes from, but if you have a little one who is bonkers for broccoli or crazy for carrots, you are very lucky indeed. 
For those who are not so lucky; here are four simple ways to get those veggies eaten:

1. Hidden veggies
Hidden veggie recipes can be found all over the internet, stretching from American moms to English mums and French mamas. They are an incredibly useful tool for getting the right vitamins and minerals into your kids diets. Making a spaghetti bolognese? Or perhaps a chili? Throw in some diced carrots and celery when you are softening the onions, the veggies will be tosmall to be noticed and will add no extreme flavor to the dishbut will pack in the vitamins that your kids need.

2. Multivitamins
If youre worried that veggies really aren’t going to make the cutyou can always add extra vitamins into your kid’s diet with multivitamins. Gummy vitamins are the perfect solution for kidsthey look and taste like candy so there’s no way your kids will refuse to eat them on the grounds of being too healthy. Plus,aonline stores like www.pharmacyonline.com.au, you can purchase gummy vitamins for both children and adults, meaning you can get a little vitamin boost in your day too.

3. Textures
For most fussy eaters, both children and adults, texture plays an enormous part in whether they like certain foods onot. Luckily, we are no longer in an age in which boiling is the only way to prepare vegetables. You can completely alter the taste and texture of food just by preparing it in a different way. Broccolifor example, when boiled can become overly mushy and very strong tasting, particularly to people who are supertasters, but if yoroast it, it becomes crunchy and sweet. Change up your cooking techniques; it might surprise you how many broccoli fans you now have in the house. 

4. Fruit 
Sometimes kids just want something sweet and even though fruits have high natural sugar levels they do also carry some of the same nutrients as vegetables. They are, howeverharder to incorporate into a dinner time meal in a form other than dessert. You can find some handy recipes that incorporate stone fruits such as peaches, which can be grilled in the summer and pineapple, which is no longer reserved just for pizza. Though this is harder to achieve during the winter (pineapple casserole doesn’t sound too inviting), there are other options availableFrom oranges to grapefruits and kiwithere are whole host of different fruits that are perfect for winter and can be turned into anything that you want. 
Getting vegetables into your child’s diet is important; whether you are swapping out potatoes for sweet potatoes or just the classic ‘here comes the airplane,’ whatever way works for you and your little one is a good way.

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