Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Gift Issues


Christmas Gift Issues

Most of the gifts have found a home. There are a few that we haven’t opened yet but I think I will put them away for a rainy day since the kids aren’t chomping at the bit on these. Today I put together a shelf for my daughter’s room because I had to mooch her shelf for one of my Christmas gifts. The Teach got me one of these cool digital picture frames. This one.
I loaded about 55 pictures onto it today and while scrolling through the menu it changed over to Chinese. Well now, I’m not a stupid women but I don’t know how to read Chinese. So I called Insigna and waited 55 1/2 minutes for an operator. The operator who answered had absolutely no personality and when I told him my dilemma he proceeded to ask a bazillion questions for their records. Where was it purchased, when, my email, name, address, basic annoying crap. Then he put me on hold for another 18 minutes while he looked up the item number in his records.
When he came back on I asked him if he could just tell me how to get it back to it’s factory settings. He told me that since it was in Chinese we would never be able to get it back to English because we would not be able to read the menu. I told him that it was very easy to change it to Chinese (which was done accidentally – by hitting one button), so if he could talk me through the process I could figure it out. I knew the process from reading the book and looking at the menu but something just wasn’t working.  He said there was 5 steps in order to change it back to factory settings and there would be no way to figure that out.
He told me I should take it back where it was purchased and have them reset it for me.  Well, Mr Operator, thank you very little. I just wasted over an hour and a half of my life and he isn’t even going to help me. I should have asked for another operator but I was so pissed I just said, “thanks” and hung up. If it hadn’t taken so long to get an operator I would have tried again to see if I got someone else who was more helpful.
I put the frame aside figuring that I would have to bring it to Best Buy to have it fixed.
Feeling chilly I got under the covers on my couch to watch General Hospital. I must be coming down with something and I hope it moves through my system quickly because damn I have no time to be sick.
I sat down with the frame after GH and turned it on. I went to the menu that would have said change language if it was in English but instead had some Chinese symbols. Where are all my high school Chinese friends when I need them?
I pressed the menu button, enter button, and nothing. I pressed the arrow buttons and nothing. I thought perhaps the arrow buttons aren’t working. Maybe it is broken. Nope, my finger accidentally held the button instead of pressing and it moved to a different screen saying choose a language. I chose English and guess the fuck what? Yup, it is in friggin English.
1 Step not 5 Operator A-Hole! Why can I type Fuck but not the whole word for a-hole? Interesting!
Well, anyway the frame is loaded and working. The damn kids won’t leave it alone so hopefully it lasts long enough for someone other than the occupants of this house to see this awesome gift.
By the way…Thank you Baby! I love my gifts.

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