Thursday, December 12, 2019

Equestrian Events

Some people can think of nothing more magical than learning to ride a horse. Regal images of skilled riders at exhibitions and competitions trotting around the arena and jumping over all manner of obstacles are often associated with the sport. Equestrian is often paired with images of horse jump standards and white picket fences, but did you know that not all the exercises are the same? That's right, there are many different kinds of horse jumps and if you're interested in taking up equestrian, you should familiarize yourself with them all.

Types of Horse Jumps

The first type of jump is called a bank jump, in which the horse clears an obstacle on a hill. Typically it is safer to let your horse jump over something going uphill because they can better judge the terrain. Another type is a bounce jump, in which your horse will jump over multiple obstacles stacked next to each other. For example, there might be three standards placed one after the other so the horse has to jump over them all. The key to a bounce jump is that the horse does not have room to land between the obstacles.
One of the more interesting, and challenging, types of horse jump is the brush fence. It uses a structure similar to a steeplechase jump, but the wall is topped with vegetation (usually bushes or small trees). This jump is difficult because horses are usually more hesitant to go over the brush than they are a standard fence or obvious obstacle.
Finally, the goal of most equestrian competitions, is the combination jump. This jump pairs two or three single jumps in rapid succession to show the horse's skill and speed. Unlike the bounce jump, a horse has room to take a stride or two in a combination jump.

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