Saturday, December 14, 2019

My Life In Pics Nov 21 - Nov 28

November 21 - I took a photo of my current read at the time. SUCH a GOOD book. I loved it.

November 22 - Not something I love doing but I get it done and feel better until the next time it comes around.

November 23 - NADA

November 24 - Not sure what is in this balloon but it was from my daughter's graduation at school in JUNE! Still normal size and sitting in her room. We are amazed by it.

November 25 - Luna looks like she is part of my Christmas stuffies. This is now her favorite place to sleep.

Nov 26 - Do you see her hanging out under the tree? My 3 cats fight over this spot!

Nov 27 - I do not partake so I was surprised when a company sent me these blunt papers. I guess if I were going to I would use these.
Nov 28 - We went to my in-laws as usual for Thanksgiving. We did a lot of Snapchat filters which was so much fun. My daughter loved seeing her Abuela in the filters. This was my filter shot!

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