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4 Must Have Games For Family Game Night #familygamenight

OMG...I love playing games with my kids. Unplugging the kids from their electronic devices is something I am passionate about and while I know it is not always easy, if you do something with them they will have a great time and not even miss their phone, computer or game systems.

Here are four fun games that you can play with kids as young as 4. They are funny, colorful and will definitely be something your kids will ask to play again and again.

The best part beside the memories you will make is that not a single one of these games need batteries. 

Catch The Fox 

Uh oh – the Fox is in the hen house! This greedy fox is snapping up the chickens and stuffing them into his pockets. But when there are too many chickens, his pants will fall down and the chickens will escape! Roll the die to see how many chickens to add into the fox’s pockets, and push his head one time. Before you know it, the fox will lose his pants and the chickens will roll everywhere! Rescue the chickens and return them to your chicken coop. Be the first player to fill up your coop to win! Can you Catch the Fox?

The 411:

We thought this was such a fun game. There are stickers for the fox's eyes, die and underwear that are easy to put on. You also put together the chickens which come in two pieces and easy fit together. Once you are done with that get ready to play.

To set the fox up for play:

Turn the fox over and grab his pants. Pull them up around his waist. and pull up his arms. He is now ready to play.

Everyone takes a chicken coop and the youngest play spins first. Your goal is to collect 5 chickens.

Roll the die and place the amount of chickens in one of the two pockets of the fox's pants and then push the foxes head down.

Eventually someone will get the push that sends the foxes pants flying back underneath him and the chickens scattering for cover. Pick up one chicken at a time and bring them back to the coop. The one who gets 5 thus filling the coop wins.

It is a fun games and easy for the youngest kids to learn how to play. 

TIP: We had started on a table but the chickens were rolling and getting lost under things so we moved to the floor.

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Doggy Doo 

Doggie Doo is everyone’s favorite pup! Feed your doggie, squeeze the leash, and after he makes his gassy sounds – plop! If you are the player who cleaned up the doo, you get a fart token. The player who has the most tokens at the end of the game wins!

We think kids will love this game. It is wildly and hysterically inappropriate  think bathroom humor is funny and will definitely love the idea of making the dog poop.

To Play: 

Insert a pellet into the dogs mouth. Spin the bone into his mouth and insert his leash into his collar these are important or the game will not work.

The youngest person now spins the spinner and presses the leash handle the amount of times they spun. The dog makes a fun noise as they pellet moves down toward the end of the dogs body because what comes in, must come out right?

When the pellet shoots out of doggy's ahhhh lower region, the player gets a token. The player with the most tokens at the end of your playtime wins!

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Greedy Granny

The 411:

Well now this is a fun game. Filled with suspense. Granny loves her sweets and for some reason will not sure. Your job is to sneak some of granny's snacks without waking her up and making her teeth fly out.

Set up is easy. Put granny together, (she is in two pieces), insert granny's teeth, put granny's chair back and load up her tray with all the snacks.

Spin the wheel, you are either removing or adding thing to granny's tray based on the spinner. To end your turn push the button on granny's chair. If granny wakes you lose the round. It is so much fun because you never know when granny will wake.

Your kids will love this especially when someone gets so surprised they jump. We crack up the whole time we are playing.

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Shark Bite

The 411:

OMGosh so much fun. We had a blast fishing out of the shark's mouth and your kids will too.

There are stickers for the shark's eyes which you will put on, open the bag and remove all your sea creatures and your fishing poles (there are two).

Pull the shark's mouth open until it locks keeping it open on it's own. Insert all the sea creatures into the holes in the bottom of the shark's mouth.

Players will roll the die and remove with the fishing pole the number of creates on the die. careful because the shark may decide you are the next meal.

Watch our video here.

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