Tuesday, March 13, 2018

2 Great Animal Lover Books For Kids

Tiny and The Big Dig by Sherri Dusky Rinker and Illustrated by Matt Myers

Sniff! Sniff-sniff! I smell a bone. A bone that's BIG. I'll get it out, I'll dig and dig. A big, BIG bone! I know it's there !It will take work, but I don't care!

Tiny may be a small dog, but don't let that fool you. He's a pooch with power who knows what he wants. And he's going for it. But oh, those pesky pessimists — they're trying to rain on Tiny's dig-parade! Thank goodness for one special boy who believes in Tiny, because in the end, this dog's grit proves that he's the little pup who could... dig up some giant surprises!

The 411:

This is an adorable book about a very determined little dog named Tiny. Tiny knows there is a bone under the earth and by paw he will get it out.

While he is digging other animals come up telling him that it is a waste of time because he is so tiny. They joke about his size and are sometimes not very nice but thanks to Tiny's confidence he knows he can do it and no one will tell him differently because Tiny has a wonderful cheerleader (I assume his owner) who tells him that no matter what he doesn't doubt him.

Tiny does start pulling up bones and eventually pulls out a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

My class thought it was so funny. They love dogs and have a dinosaur thing. We talked about how you should never let anyone tell  you that you can't do something and that if you give it your all you will succeed. 

The kids loved the pictures and found it really silly. They laughed at Tiny dragging the dinosaur home.

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Truck Full Of Ducks by Ross Burach

Did you call for a truck full of ducks? Bernie is on the road to make a duck delivery when one of the ducks EATS the directions. Oh no! How will he find his customer? Join the flock on this wacky call-and-response ride to find out just WHO ordered a truck full of ducks — and why!

Ross Burach's screwball comedy is filled with surprise twists and crafty jokes that will quack you up! 

The 411:

Silly! Silly! Silly! We loved it! My kids went through a ton of emotions while I read to them. Why is Bernie the dog bringing a truck full of ducks somewhere. The ducks are interesting as well. They are playing yoyo, eating donuts, listening to music, reading the sports page, etc while Bernie searches for the person who called for a truck full of ducks. It is not that Bernie is bad at his job, one of the ducks eat the directions! UGH!

Everyone ordered a truck BUT not one full of ducks.

When they finally find the customer the kids were concerned for the ducks but in the end it all turned out OK. These ducks actually have a job to do and it is not what you think.

I think the best part for my preschoolers was looking at the antics of the ducks. The illustrations are so much fun. 

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  1. Now here are a couple of books I would love to get for my grandson. They both sound so good and something he would find interesting to read.


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