Friday, March 09, 2018

Photo Challenge - February 18 - February 23 (Playing Catch Up)

February 18th - Not a great photo but too it as I was driving home from my Step and Sculpt Class

February 19th - My daughter's art is so interesting. This is Sally Face. This is a dude wearing a prosthetic mask. He is from a video game of the same name.

February 20th - While waiting for my daughter to come out of her after school math class my son and I usually sit and read. No reason to leave the school when we would have to go back in a half hour. My son told me he was tired and took a nap. Who sleeps like this?

February 21 - While my son was in a meditation class after school my daughter and I hung out while she did homework in the back. It was a gorgeous day so we sat with trunk open. LOVED it.

February 22nd - More of my girl's amazing art!

February 23rd - Luna always looks like she is judging me.

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