Monday, February 19, 2018

Photo Challenge Feb 11 - Feb 17

February 11 - My kids love volunteering at the animal shelter especially when we get to hold kittens. This kitten was thankfully adopted after being at the shelter for only about 2 weeks. Isn't she sweet? This is truly my daughter's and my son's HAPPY PLACE.

February 12th - We were waiting for some Chinese food after placing an order. I took 25 photos of my kids outside but when I started playing with editing I was floored with how much older my kids look. My son and his peach fuzz is going to be 15 so it is inevitable that he looks older but man....

February 13th - I love my job because not only do I get to play mommy to (10) 2 year old kids during the day but I get adorable gifts like this one.

February 14th - My daughter and I stopped life to take some fun Snapchat photos. We do this every once in a while. It is fun and if you want to stay in your kids life, do what they do!

February 15 - These flowers were a gift from my husband. He joked in the morning about me picking up some flowers from him to give to me. Me: "CVS has some gorgeous flowers". He poked me in the ribs and laughed, "pick some up for yourself from me!" Sounds good to me. Gave me a chance to get flowers. I love them!

February 16th - The lighting was crap but I headed out Friday to meet an Author and ran into a friend there too.  This is "D.K. O'Doherty" the author of The Good Knight Kiss.  You can order the book here

February 17th - My daughter and I headed out to run some errands (Grocery shopping, shop for eye glasses and pick up guinea pig food). The Pet Store is right next door to a Starbucks. I still  have gift cards from Christmas so we got our favorite Green Tea Creme. It is amazing if you haven't had it.

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