Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Perfect Book For Reluctant Readers: Beanstalker and Other Hilarious Scarytales by Kiersten White

What about, once upon a time, a bunch of fairy tales got twisted around to be completely hilarious, a tiny bit icky, and delightfully spooky scarytales; in other words, exactly what fairy tales were meant to be. Grab some flaming torches, maybe don't accept that bowl of pease porridge, and get ready for a wickedly fun ride with acclaimed author Kiersten White and fairy tales like you've never heard them before.

Snow White is a vampire, Little Red Riding Hood is a zombie, and Cinderella is an arsonist — and that is only some of the mayhem the reader will find in this collection of fractured fairy tales. 

The 411:

3 months ago I planned on writing about this book.  My daughter loved it! We started reading it whenever we had a mommy/daughter slumber party (we slept in the living room) and it took us about 3 months to get through. 

Kiersten took fairy tales we all know and love and created these funny, spooky tales. For instance the first one is about Rapunzel. We met our prince who hates towers. He wonders what the zoning  ordinance is because climbing them makes his legs burn and his breath catch in his chest. Their must be height restrictions right?! Well when the prince gets into the tower he finds Rapunzel who has a Herr with a large appetite. 

Or Little Red Riding Hood who copied everything the wolf said, She was going to eat him. Tee heee

Then there is Snow White who is a blood sucking vampire. 

There is also Jack in the Beanstalk, Prince Charming, Cinderella, Goldilocks and more! We loved that all the stories were a little demented, witty, and shocking. PLUS they all rolled into one fairy tale which was really fun. 

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  1. This book sounds like a wonderful book for my older grandchildren to read. Heck, I would love reading it too. It sounds like a little bit of funny and scary book. My kind of book...


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