Saturday, October 10, 2015

Keep Your Car Clean With This Seat Trash Bin #tidyglobe

Since getting our new vehicle we have been making an effort to keep it clean but I can see as the months have gone by we have all gotten a little more lax. It is still much cleaner then we ever kept the other car but we are leaving things in it that need to come out.

Yesterday, Goddess gave me a mint she didn't like wrapped in paper. I had no place to put it so placed it in my drink holder were it sat

This morning I received a trash bin for the car, truck, boat, wherever you want to use it.  It is a Tidy Globe product that wraps around your seat, securely with an upper and lower strap.

 I opened the box and headed out immediately to secure it to the seat which will be right behind me basically where the messiest person in the house sits GODDESS!

The bag open
This girl is definitely messier than all of us put together. It will be right in front of her face so she can put in whatever trash she can muster up which tells me it will have to be emptied at least once  every four days.  
Side View

Closed view
Beside using it for a trash bin, you could also use it as a drink cooler. It never leaks thanks to the thick, waterproof PVC lining.

This will definitely be a welcome addition in my vehicle! I love it and love keeping it clean.

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Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was offered. I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.

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