Thursday, October 29, 2015

Always Be Prepared For An Emergency! #firstaidkit

I have always had an emergency kit in my house, diaper bag, desk, and car. It is something I feel is very important and often times I was the only one with one at a park and could easily whip it out and handle any issue that came up for me or even strangers.

Getting a new kit is like Christmas. I am always making sure mine are stocked every few months but this one is probably the best I have ever had. I was amazed with how much stuff they actually were able to fit into this little bag. It is stocked with everything you will need in an emergency.  I love the size of it. It is soft and easy to carry!  It is even small enough and light enough to fit in a backpack if necessary at only around 7 x 5 inches big. 

Besides the wipes there is even a cold compress, abdominal pad, gloves, emergency blanket, glow stick, poncho, whistle, compass, CPR mask and every other item you would expect to find in an emergency kit inside two separate compartments which are sealed by a Velcro closure.

This will go in my car replacing the older one.

Amazing product! I would order again and give as a gift. Perfect for new driver, or home owners

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received this product at a deep discount for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

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