Friday, November 09, 2012

Holiday Baking With Your Kids Creates Loving Memories That Last Forever

Baking Cookies With Aunt Chick’s Vintage Cookie Cutters 
Promotes Childhood Learning and a
Lifetime of Family Memories and Traditions

Carrie Greno Falzone

Like many of you, one of my first holiday memories as a child was making and decorating Christmas cookies using Aunt Chick’s Merry Christmas Set of Cookie Cutters with my mother and brothers.  I recall helping measure ingredients, keeping an eye on the timer to alert everyone when it was time to remove the sweet treats from the oven and the last step, and my favorite, decorating!  Creating something which is not only a delicious sweet treat (We were all allowed one when we were done) but also pieces of art which would be given as gifts to friends and family for the holiday. 

It wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I realized baking was a wonderful way to teach, share and connect.  When our family bakes together we work as a team.  We’re spending quality time together working toward creating a specific result.  The memories and family bonding which develops is much sweeter than the cookies taste. 

There are many ways baking helps with a child’s healthy development.  For younger children it helps:
- with fine motor skills; measuring, mixing, spooning and scraping.
- communication skills as you talk about what you’re doing.
-  understanding sequences and follow steps in order.
- learning how to read a clock or timer 

For elementary aged children:
- learning math skills (addition and fractions)
- helping with problem solving
-learning about the science and chemistry of ingredients and how they work together.
- learning kitchen safety, cleanliness and discipline (finishing the project and helping to clean up are all a part of learning!)

Older children:
- help with cracking eggs
- using the blender
- working with the oven

Everyone can have a job but make sure they are age appropriate.  Make it fun!  Baking is an enjoyable experience.  At any age, a child’s social and emotional development grows from being with caring loving adults and making something which gives others joy.

As much as baking the cookies is a teaching tool, decorating them can be a learning experience too; it uses the creative part of their brain!  Children have a wonderful aesthetic sense and love working with different colors, textures and shapes.  Cookie decorating is a wonderful way for them to express this creativity because they are creating an edible piece of art. Let them be inspired.  Children can help you see things in a whole new way. Who says Christmas Trees have to be green or maybe Santa’s hat was not red. Let their imaginations soar!

Remember baking with children may require a little bit of extra time, effort, and patience. However, it is such a wonderful learning tool for children and is enjoyable for everyone.  Baking with your family can be a way to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

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