Friday, November 23, 2012

Joy A Movie Review

Joy is a magical reinterpretation of a true story, and is a gift to my sister.   It is the first production for Red Love Film and Foundation of Joy, a nonprofit inspired by my sister Elizabeth, which uses art to raise awareness and funds to the education, wellness, healthcare, and artistic development of children.  Proceeds from the film will benefit Foundation of Joy.   By simply renting the film on Amazon, for 1.99, Foundation of Joy will be able continue its work to create art that helps children.  Art provides a dual nuance in that story telling creates awareness and inspires---and the distribution and presentation of art raises much needed funds.  Our next project is a full length documentary following the lives of a team of children working with NGOs and teachers on the eight global problems the United Nations is tackling-- with the goal to end poverty by 2015.  The documentary is an empowering look at the power of education and support in the lives of the children struggling with poverty, inadequate healthcare and education.  Proceeds from joy rentals will help make this documentary happen.

I began co-producing the film, joy, with my sister Elizabeth Joy, an MBA student at Xavier University, and my sister Sarah after our father passed away.   The story was a family dealing with grief.  We started Red Love Film together to produce the film.   The goal for us and Red Love was to combine profitable feature film-making with support to the non-profit and philanthropic world.  The film was a simply story of a family experiencing the mysterious journey of grief after losing their father.

No one knew how literal and personally this goal would be realized. When we were nearing completion of pre-production, Elizabeth and her twins passed away after 17 weeks of pregnancy.  Devastated, the film almost came to a complete halt, put on a shelf and left to move on to other projects. But encouraged by friends and family to finish the film for Liz, I decided to finish this for her and my family. We started the Foundation of Joy (www.FoundationofJoy.Org), a 501(c)(3) charity in honor of Elizabeth. The Foundation became a co-producer in the film and will benefit as a major investor from the sale of this film.  

The film was shot partially on location at Jungle Jim's--my family's favorite grocery store and a tourist attraction for many.

Foundation of Joy produces and creates art in the effort to educate, increase awareness, and raise money for the health, wellness, education and artistic development of children and women's reproductive healthcare and human rights.  We do this through art:  film, music, literature, and mixed media.  Art spreads joy.  We partner with nonprofits domestically and globally and we are dedicated in our participation in the UN Millennium Development Goals.

And each time someone rents or buys the film, a portion goes back to help the Foundation of Joy accomplish its goals. 

The 411 by Maria:

Joy is a movie about a family of three grown sisters dealing with the anniversary of their father's passing, each  dealing with different challenges in their lives. While I found it hard to follow what was actually going on at times, I appreciated the attempt to show how we all have a story, we all are the stars of our own lives and our own journeys and that family is extremely important..  

Most of the movie takes place in a store called Jungle Jim's which I wish was near me because it looks amazing! The last scenes of the family putting photos together for their sister's wake made me cry. In all honestly, I had no idea what was going on in the beginning. A lady getting a sonogram, the tech says she needs to get a doctor, the woman is at the Jungle Jim's talking to an animated Elvis Impersonator Dog of some kind.  You hear medical machines beeping and she asks if she is crazy...

I enjoy the "strangers" who helped the sisters deal with things. We never know who will enter our lives and just make that light bulb go off for us. We also never know who we will send a life line too. So being a good person and knowing that everyone is dealing with their own issues, is important to remember. 

Not sure how this review turned into an opinion piece on being a kind person but that is why I call myself the amateur movie reviewer.

Peace and JOY!
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this DVD

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