Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Holiday Movie You Should See! Annie Claus Is Coming To Town

The 411 by Maria:

I will admit I am a sucker for holiday movies. There is nothing I don't like about them so I am going to start with this originally aired on the Hallmark Channel last year, 2011. There now you know it is a lovely, beautiful story full of heart that didn't intend on becoming an Oscar winner.

We follow Annie as she heads into the big world away from the North Pole and her parents Santa and Mrs. Claus (played by Vicki Lawrence which I was so excited about. I was a huge fan of the Carol Burnett Show growing up and think Vicki looks exactly the same) to see if taking over the family business is really what she wants. It is a rite of passage and is taken very seriously with a globe and a dart. Her mother is excited for her because this was how she met Mr. Claus and loves that her daughter is ending up in sunny California. Annie, played by the adorable and perfectly cast Maria Thayer (who I researched after watching to see she has been in so many things I have seen before but had no idea while watching.) heads to California but has no idea that someone back home does not want her to come back and have devised a plan to keep her in Cali!

Sweet movie with a great cast. You can't help smiling at Annie's sweetness and need to help others. After all, kindness and being a do-gooder runs in her family. I guess I was surprised that she was written to be gullible and vulnerable being that Santa apparently sees you when you are good or bad but it worked allowing for a sweet, family friendly holiday movie.

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