Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our World On Day 6 of Hurricane Sandy

Here are two shots of our main road on Day 6 of Hurricane Sandy. This little makeshift contraption was made by some locals who wanted to open up the main road, we everyone didn't have to go 40 minutes out of their way to go around the other side of the lake to get into town. Made me nervous each time I passed under it. The piece of wood that looks like a tripod was holding up some limbs and wires so that the light didn't come crashing down on the road. There was a ladder on the other side holding up that end.

This is a Church that lost 6 trees, with none hitting the building and while they were praying under candles on Sunday (day 6, the lights came back on. True story!)

My little car. Look how close that branch came to taking out my windshield!


  1. At least you're safe. A car can be replaced, you and your family cannot.

  2. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, it was interesting to see the devastation. Stay safe.


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