Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vampire Story for The Ages! The Return of Aris by Devin Morgan

Aris Returns: A Vampire Love Story Is a New Twist on Vampire Mythology from BroadLit, Inc.

LOS ANGELES (October 1, 2012)—Who is Aris? He’s not your average vampire! Aris Returns, the first novel in the new THE INFINITY DIARIES vampire romance series from BroadLit will be available on all major online book retailer sites as of October 30, 2012. Excerpts will be available on . 

Author Devin Morgan has created an entirely new twist on current vampire mythology in her debut novel! The contemporary heroine of Aris Returns, psychologist Sarah Hagan, thought she had her life under control. She had recovered from a painful divorce, she has a new boyfriend, a few very good friends, a beautiful Chicago condo, and she loves her work as a regression therapist. From the outside, her life looks almost perfect.

It only takes one patient—a handsome younger man named Carlos who is on parole for car theft—to put her well-ordered life into a tailspin. As Sarah regresses Carlos with hypnotherapy, she discovers an unexpected presence—Aris, who has an even more bewildering story to tell. Aris eventually reveals that he is a vampire whose story begins in the time of Alexander the Great. His retelling of his lives, involvement and apparent demise in the court of Henry VIII keeps Sarah spellbound and hungry for more.

Grappling with a phantom vampire and disturbingly sensual dreams, Sarah struggles to make sense of her feelings for Carlos—or is she really reacting to Aris? Can she possibly love this vampire “ghost” or will he destroy her and everything she treasures?

The first novel in THE INFINITY DIARIES series will be available for pre-order (at $8.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback) on all major e-retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, as well as on and on Broadlit’s own branded romance hub <> . All BroadLit books are distributed by Perseus Books’ Constellation Services. 


The 411 by Maria:
I love a good vampire story, romance and mystery. Carlos is sent to Sarah by his Parole Officer Colleen who believes he is a smart, articulate young man who needs guidance and help.

Sarah starts hypnosis with Carlos where he speak of a past life involving Alexander the Great and becoming a vampire after his murder. 

Sarah is convinced his subconscious is the answer to his problems while her uncertainty keeps her guessing. 

I love everything about Sarah and Carlos, this is an interesting take on a vampire story and I cannot wait for part 2. Wonderfully written with you needing more of sexy Carlos.

BroadLit® combine’s the popular genre of romance with the emerging world of new media technology and delivers to today’s women romance through its many multi-media channels.  BroadLit’s website hub, <> , is specifically designed for women looking for a little romance seasoned with humor. The site offers novels, stories, games, merchandise, contests, videos and other opportunities for building a strong community.

BroadLit is unique in that it brings to the market a combination of classic and new romance material in a variety of ways. In addition to publishing original contemporary romance novels, it is also bringing back to life the assets of True Romance and True Love Magazines through its TruLOVE Collection series of short story anthologies.  BroadLit, Inc. is a Los Angeles based company launched by the owners of Broadthink, a boutique branding and new business development media company. 


  1. I love vampire stories too. This book sounds really interesting and I would love to read it.

  2. This looks sooo good! Im reading another vampire series right now thats really great. When Im finished with it I will be looking for another vampire novel to sink my teeth into.. lol yeahhhhh I know I went there sorry! ;-)


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