Thursday, November 22, 2012

Don't Let Them Buggers Stink Up Your House Girl!!! REVIEW

The 411 by Maria:
I don't know about you but we have such a stink bug problem from September to the beginning of next month in my area. Everyone in my town writes about their Stink Bugs on Facebook so I know I am not alone.  

These bugs are just don't right nasty looking. They look like little helmets walking around and we are removing at least one a day for weeks. We tend not to smash them because they do give off an odor so we usually trap and release but that means they will come back. We are in love with the new TERRO® Stink Bug Killer sprays especially the one with the wand where I can get into the crevices around my door frame. 

So we used the spray once and are seeing a significant decrease in the amount of Stinks getting in and even on my deck. LOVE It! I really do not like bugs!


  1. I just moved back to SW Virginia from Florida. I'll take stink bugs any day instead of scorpions and fire ants. However, the stink bugs are very annoying, to say the least. I'd love to win this new product. tammy at alteredartichoke dot com

  2. we have some stink bugs around here, but mainly we are bothered by ants, crickets, and spiders. we have praying mantises that help keep the bug population down but they can only eat so many!

  3. They stink! Stinkbugs secrete a foul-smelling liquid! And they are creepy!

  4. Stink Bugs were SO BAD this year in PA where I live, I would be SO HAPPY to win this & kill them. TY for the chance ♥♥


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